Beat Abbie this June!

Abbie and I are both competitive.  Therefore, we wanted our “giveaway” for the month of June to be competitive in nature.   So, it’s not about luck with this competition.  You have full control over who wins.  Isn’t that refreshing… especially b/c of all of the luck giveaways out there.  I swear I have almost stopped entering them b/c I am just not lucky enough.

Anyway, let me get back to the competition.  Abbie is a teacher by day and an App Summer of Passports1 copy maker at night.  With Abbie being a teacher, that means she has a little time off in the summer time.  With the time off Abbie wanted to road trip b/c time off is meant for road trips.  Besides teaching children, Abbie loves to use her passports… all three of them (National Parks Passport, LDS Temple Passport App, and her USA Passport).  This summer, Abbie is road tripping and attempting to get as many stamps as possible in her passports.

The June competition is all about Beating Abbie and Getting Stamps in your LDS Temple Passport!

I’ll lay the details out in bullet format so you can clearly understand what you need to do to win, but please holler if you are unsure with any of them:

  • Visit Temples (they can all be different temples, or all the same temple)
  • Get Stamps
  • Tag your Stamps or Temple Pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram.  Therefore, you could get 3 points for one temple visit if you tag us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Facebook tag: #LDSTemplePassportApp
  • Twitter tag: @TemplePassport
  • Instagram: #LDSTemplePassportApp
  • Any temple visits from June 1- June 30th 2013 are valid. So you can go back and tag us for any temple visits.
  • 2 Winners will be selected: 1- Individual with the most temple visits tagged (either stamps or temple pictures), 2- Individual who went to the most exotic temple, aka temple farthest from Arizona, tagged.
  • Winners will be able to pick a temple picture of your choice from Plum Street Press 


We all like a good competition, and this is a great competition!  Start visiting and tagging.   Let the games begin!