St. George is #8

St. George Temple LDS Temple Passport App Yesterday, Abbie got her 8th stamp for the month of June at the St. George Utah Temple.  I think the picture she took with her phone and uploaded to her LDS Temple Passport app is absolutely gorgeous.  You can Pin it on Pinterest if you love it as well.  Just scroll over the picture and you’ll see the “Pin It” button appear.

On Facebook Abbie mentioned that the St. George Temple doesn’t have an Angel Moroni.  It is one of the few temples that do not have an Angel Moroni.  Can you think of any other temples that do not have an Angel Moroni statue?


Just a reminder, you don’t have to actually BEAT Abbie to win the Summer of Passports1 copy competition.  All you have to do is be the person, besides Abbie, that gets the most stamps and tags us on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram.







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