Dedication Broadcasts

Do you remember those dedication broadcasts they did for the Palmyra, Winter Quarters, and Nauvoo Temples way back long ago? Just this week my mom sent me this box full of all sorts of random stuff that supposedly was mine. I mean, the bass clarinet cloth I probably didn’t need, but I appreciated some of the pictures and other sentiments found in the box.

In this random foof box I found a white hankie and a small purple Winter Quarters Dedication Broadcast recommend. Does anyone remember these?

Dedication Recommend

These special dedication recommends allowed you to go to the broadcast and be a part of the dedication. All you had to do was meet with your bishop, get a recommend, and bring a white hankie if you could.

I was happy to have found the recommend b/c then I was able to remember a date I could put in my LDS Temple Passport App. I was also able to see what Bishop signed it so that I could recall where I was at at the time.

For the Winter Quarter’s Temple Dedication Broadcast I was in Provo Utah, in my BYU 181st ward.  Good memories there!  However, back to the recommend.

In the box with my recommend I had a little thought journal where I wrote down some of the things President Hinckley said during the dedication. He talked about the importance of remembering the Pioneers and their sacrifices.  He also had some other good stuff, but I won’t bore you with all of that.

Photo Aug 13, 4 03 16 PM It was nice of my mom to send me this box. It’s also nice that I was able to take a picture of the recommend and include some of my thoughts from the dedication in my LDS Temple Passport App. I went ahead and got a “Previous Stamp” in my Passport and recorded some thoughts in my journal post.

I love that I now have an app that will help me keep a journal of these events, but I don’t have to keep a bunch of small mementos to remember them.

I truly love using my LDS Temple Passport App, and I seem to find many more opportunities to use it then even I could imagine.   Now go get your stamps for those Dedication Broadcasts you attended.  🙂